🚫 COVID Condoms 🚫

Of course the main concern on everyone's mind is staying safe, but we've noticed a new waste stream that we, at The Green Channel, are calling the "Covid Condom" which is mimicking the waste we see from the "other" condom!

Photo of disposable masks and gloves thrown onto the ground

Not only are these disposable masks and gloves being found littered in our streets but they are ending up in our oceans!

Divers in the Mediterranean have found enormous amounts of this 'COVID waste' below the ocean's surface, including dozens of gloves, masks and bottles of hand sanitiser mixed in with the usual litter of disposable cups and aluminium cans. Some environmental activists in France are claiming that soon there will be 'more masks than jellyfish' in our oceans. Read more on this here.

Many places have also banned customers from bringing their own takeout containers and reusable items, but studies show "reusable bags and containers are safe, so long as they are properly washed." Read more on this here.

Single-use plastic litter

"Environmentalists say coronavirus fears have led to major setback on plastic pollution."

Countries who had initiatives to place bans on the use of single-use plastics, have been forced to reconsidered their timeline for implementing such strategies.

How can you help curb the plastic problem during this pandemic?

Educate yourself by watching one of our informative documentaries featured on The Green Channel all about the pressing plastic problem!
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