About Us

The Green Channel is an exclusive and curated streaming service dedicated to giving a voice to all living things. Our informative and entertaining films shine a light on today’s most pressing environmental challenges — and the creative, hopeful solutions that can drive change.

Discover award-winning environmental films from around the world

We’re passionate about amplifying the voices of filmmakers talking about a wide range of environmental issues — including climate change, habitat destruction, agriculture, alternative energy, and endangered species.

We search the planet for gems that you haven’t seen before, showcasing award-winning films that offer a fresh perspective on old debates, or present new and potentially transformative information. Many of our films are ones that cannot be found anywhere else online.

We’re especially proud of our collection of remastered and hard-to-find classic ecological films. These voices need to be heard again. We’re also excited about our hundreds of hours of raw, unedited exclusive footage documenting important environmental events of public interest, including unusual weather events, oil spills, inquiries, environmental enhancement projects, and more.

A video streaming service with a twist

The Green Channel is more than a video-on-demand service. Our mission is to amplify and empower the voices of independent filmmakers and environmental champions who are telling stories about the past, present, and future of our planet. Through these stories, we give voice to living things that cannot speak for themselves.

That’s why we provide filmmakers around the world with an innovative social engagement platform that directly funds their work. The Green Channel is unique in its commitment to giving back a portion of every subscription fee to filmmakers. Together, we make it possible for filmmakers to continue to tell the stories of all living things.

Partnering with you and others who care

We know that we can accomplish more together than alone. That’s why we’re building a community of passionate and informed environmental advocates. Add your voice to the call to protect all living things, and join a community of people who care as much as you do about protecting our world and the living things who call it home. Subscribe now.