Antarctic Mission, Episode 2: A Window on a Changing World

Last week, we introduced you to the Sedna IV, a marvel of modern audacity, as she and her crew set off for the frozen reaches of Antarctica. That episode introduced some of the living things that call the Antarctic peninsula home.

This week’s episode of Antarctic Mission zooms in on a less furry subject: the continent’s ancient ice shelves.

Last year, these ice shelves made waves around the world when a 6,000 square kilometre piece broke off the Larsen C ice shelf, creating a massive 1-trillion ton iceberg. But the July 2017 break was only one example of how the Antarctic ice shelf is changing.

These changes have an impact — both on the living things of the Antarctic Peninsula and on living things around the globe who will need to prepare for rising sea levels.

Learn more about ice shelves in this week’s thrilling second episode of Antarctic Mission. (You’ll also get bonus penguins!)

And stay tuned for next week’s last episode, which dives down into the frigid depths of the seas surrounding Antarctica.

The film

Released in 2007, Antarctic Mission is a stunning three-part series about an adventurous team of Canadian scientists and filmmakers who sailed south to Antarctica aboard the majestic 51-metre ship Sedna IV. Their daring mission: to document the most important environmental challenge facing our planet — climate change.

The team braved some of the Earth's roughest and coldest seas, as well as the long, dark Antarctic winter, to bear witness to the changes wrought on one of the most rapidly warming places on the planet — the Antarctic Peninsula. Meet the scientists working in the world's remotest living laboratory and the amazing creatures that evolved to live in one of the planet's most inhospitable ecosystems.