On World Water Day 2018, the Answer is in Nature

It slakes our thirst, makes our food grow, cleans us, transforms into energy, shelters an abundance of living things, and creates opportunities for play. Water is life. That’s why it’s vital to take action to address the looming global water crisis. 1.9 billion people live in areas where water is already scarce. 2.1 billion people … Read More

These Are A Few of Our Favourite Trees

At The Green Channel, we love trees all over the world. But some of our favourites are right here in the Lower Mainland. Every year, on March 21, the world celebrates International Day of Forests, a moment to honour hard-working trees everywhere. In 2018, we’re remembering the vital role that trees play in making the … Read More

Antarctic Mission - Episode 2

Antarctic Mission, Episode 2: A Window on a Changing World

Last week, we introduced you to the Sedna IV, a marvel of modern audacity, as she and her crew set off for the frozen reaches of Antarctica. That episode introduced some of the living things that call the Antarctic peninsula home. This week’s episode of Antarctic Mission zooms in on a less furry subject: the … Read More

We Are Rivers; Let’s Take Action.

The indigenous Iwi people of New Zealand have a saying: “I am the river, and the river is me.” The Iwi have fought for 140 years to have their river recognized as an ancestor. In March 2017, Whanganui River and its ecosystem became the first to be granted to same legal rights as a human … Read More

Antarctic Mission - Episode 1

Antarctic Mission, Episode 1: Islands at the Edge

Imagine a film production studio crossed with a scientific laboratory crossed with a … boat? Such is the Sedna IV, a triple-masted schooner that has crisscrossed the world’s seas over the last 15 years. Her crew has brought back a wealth of scientific data and astonishing footage of rarely seen natural wonders from the Arctic … Read More