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Giving Nature A Voice

Guess what was just released on The Green Channel?! Giving Nature a Voice Season 2 🎉 Nature needs a voice in Africa and so do the people whose lives depend on a healthy environment. That is the critical mission of AKU GSMC’s Environmental Reporting Program and the creation of the Giving Nature a Voice film … Read More

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The Green Channel Celebrates World Wildlife Conservation Day

Did you know today is World Wildlife Conservation Day! Wildlife conservation is the preservation and protection of animals, plants, and their habitats. With more and more species becoming endangered and going extinct due to threats such as poaching and habitat loss, wildlife conservation is more important than ever. By conserving wildlife, we’re ensuring that future generations can enjoy … Read More

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Take a 15 min break… ⏳

Hey << Test First Name >>, whether you’ve gone back to work or school, or are busy settling in to your WFH routine, we imagine you could use a good 15 minute break, right?! Here are some recently added short films (all under 15 minutes) that are both entertaining and educational!

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Halloween 2020

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Ready for us to tell you something really scary? Animals are going extinct, the ice caps are melting, climate change is REAL and happening right NOW. Check out the film The Climate Tsunami by Denis Postle, now playing on The Green Channel If our planet could speak… The Climate Tsunami is fiction, but it builds out … Read More