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Ulysses Last Journey

Water, Energy, and Biodiversity; The Odyssey

Want to learn how to take advantage of our natural resources, while protecting the environment? Check out: Ulysses’ Last Journey – Now Playing! Just like Ulysses, who travelled all over the Mediterranean Sea, this series is a kind of Odyssey that explores the amazingly rich Mediterranean and its biodiversity. Divided into three parts, covering water, … Read More

Empower the Filmmakers you LOVE! 💚

Did you know every new subscription to The Green Channel triggers a $5 bonus to the Filmmaker you LOVE! Your subscription not only gives you access to entertaining and valuable environmental streaming content, but it also gives back to the people creating the films you love to watch! How? Simply enter a film title to answer the … Read More

Exciting News Newsletter Image

Exciting News!!! 🎉

We’ve got some exciting news! New Releases Now Twice per Week!! Mark your calendars because TGC will now be releasing new content on both Wednesdays and Saturdays EVERY WEEK! We are so excited to be bringing you so much more new content more often. Currently now playing/releasing new episodes of the series, The Switch! Catch episodes 1-4 now … Read More

Photo of Mountain Gorilla

Saving Mountain Gorillas

Did you catch Episode 3 of Giving Nature a Voice  Season 2? It’s all about Saving Mountain Gorillas Mountain gorillas live at elevations of 8,000 to 13,000 feet, fitting their name of course. Their thicker fur allows them to withstand the colder climates they face, often below zero degree temperatures. In 1902, the population of … Read More