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Photo of a burned koala

First step to solving a problem?

What is the first step to solving a problem? Knowing about it. We at The Green Channel believe that its essential to keep independent voices as independent as possible in the hope we learn about an issue or problem in the environment. How can you do your part to help solve the environment’s problems? Watch our … Read More

Photo of a kangaroo running from a bushfire

Meanwhile, in Australia…

If you’ve been on the internet lately, you know Australia is on fire. Australia is not only experiencing record high temperatures, but a catastrophic early bushfire season that seems to be only the beginning. If this isn’t a reason to believe climate change and global warming are real; we don’t know what would be. This week: Number Of … Read More

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New Look and Newsletter Launch!

We’ve got some exciting news… The Green Channel has a whole new look! In addition to this new look, The Green Channel will now be launching a weekly newsletter for all you loyal subscribers! Each week, this newsletter will notify you of our latest releases, any updates or enhancements the channel is undergoing, as well as some … Read More