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Elephant standing in desert to promote newsletter featuring elephants

But how are the elephants doing?

In the midst of all this chaos we are living through, you may have not thought about it but… How are the elephants doing? Due to COVID-19 and the obvious decrease in tourism, Thailand is struggling to keep their captive elephants fed and many are facing starvation. Without the tourists visiting and feeding the elephants, many camps … Read More

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Coronavirus and the environment

What impact does the Coronavirus have on the environment? I’m sure everyone has heard about the new novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) by now. All of us at The Green Channel send our condolences to all the families being affected by this serious illness. This viral outbreak, however, also has some good and bad implications for our environment. The … Read More

Image of a Sumatran Orangutan swinging between branches

Feature Endangered Animal of February

The Sumatran Orangutan Derived from the Malay words for “person of the forest,” Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered. Historically, the species’ population was found over the entire island of Sumatra and further south into Java. Now, you will only find the Sumatran orangutan in the provinces of North Sumatra and Aceh. The population is threatened by hunting … Read More