Bob Turner’s BC Coast Short Films

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Bob Turner's BC Coast Short Films

I am Howe Sound Atl'Ka7tsem TGC Now Playing

Sea lions, seals, humpbacks, herring, and more! Bob Turner has it all featured in his series of 11 short films along BC Coast's Howe Sound.

Nine out of the eleven films are now playing on The Green Channel, with the last 2 coming out next week!

Catch up NOW:

Return of the Humpbacks
The Seal
A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for Atl’ka7tsem
Herring Spawn!
I Am Howe Sound Atl'Ka7tsem
Celebrating the Welcome Pole
I Am Atl’ka7tsem – Howe Sound
Tide Pool!


Sea Lion Anchovy Dance

Sea Lion Anchovy Dance directed by Bob Turner

Bob Turner happens upon a thrash of sea lions feeding by a dock on the BC Coast and when he slips his camera underwater it reveals a graceful ballet between sea lions and an evading silvery school of anchovy.

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