But how are the elephants doing?

In the midst of all this chaos we are living through, you may have not thought about it but...

How are the elephants doing?

Photo of an elephant standing in the desert

Due to COVID-19 and the obvious decrease in tourism, Thailand is struggling to keep their captive elephants fed and many are facing starvation.

Without the tourists visiting and feeding the elephants, many camps are running short of food and cannot afford to pay out both their workers and the 50,000 baht ($2,200 CAD) per day to feed their 75 elephants. Read more on this here.

Once happy elephants are now seen "visibly distressed, rocking their heads back and forth". This leads to a fear that the elephants could be sold to zoos or shifted into the illegal logging trade as the COVID-19 declines visitor numbers even more. Read more here.

On a brighter note, because of these captive elephant camps being closed down to tourists at this time, they have removed the large metal and wooden seats that are normally strapped to elephants backs everyday. For some, this is the first time in 44 years the elephants will go without wearing these carriages through the day... and they intend to keep it that way even after operations open again. - "Instead, they want the animals to roam freely throughout the campgrounds, where visitors can feed them bananas or just watch them in their natural habitat." Read more about this here.

Photo of tourists riding an elephant in the Maesa Elephant Camp
World Elephant Day August 12, 2020 Image

What can you do for the elephants?

Check out World Elephant Day, a non-profit, public charity organization that is an annual international campaign to bring people together to help elephants.

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Founder of World Elephant Day, Patricia Sims is also the producer of Return to the Forest, a film on The Green Channel.

Narrated by William Shatner, Return to the Forest is the heartfelt story of the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation and its mission to return captive Asian elephants back to the wild in Thailand to save them from extinction. Watch now!

More films by Patricia Sims coming to The Green Channel soon!!

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Also check out Bastion of the Giants

A journey into the lives of the Asian Elephant and stunning wildlife in the bio-diverse verdant North Eastern Jungles of India. Featuring the challenges of conservation amidst human-animal conflicts as human populations burgeon around these ecological hotspots and ancient elephant lands, competing with wildlife for space and natural resources. Watch now here.


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