Coronavirus and the environment

What impact does the Coronavirus have on the environment?

I'm sure everyone has heard about the new novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) by now. All of us at The Green Channel send our condolences to all the families being affected by this serious illness. This viral outbreak, however, also has some good and bad implications for our environment.

The risk of contracting this virus has caused a significant decline in air travel and transportation in general. The Guardian says China has reported a hefty 25% drop in CO2 emissions due to the decrease in traffic. They also reported that, "if this trend continues, analysts say it is possible this will lead to the first fall in global emissions since the 2008-09 financial crisis". In terms of climate change, it seems like a short term benefit.

Hopefully, if anything, this outbreak has the ability to make companies aware that many of their employees can actually work from home. This may influence how they choose to operate their businesses moving forward, resulting positively for the environment in regards to reducing CO2 emissions.
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Due to this reduction in flight travel, airline's are being hit financially and reports say that this could slow their efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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Luckily, the EU has suspended their rules on 'ghost flights' meaning that they will no longer need to keep running empty planes in order to secure their airport slots for next year's operations.

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The virus is also impacting multiple city's waste-free movements as more and more coffee shops and grocery chains are banning customers from bringing their own reusable containers.

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