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We know the whole world is now dealing with COVID-19 and the impact its having on all of us. And we are all learning how important it is to not cluster close together. Even though wild salmon as a species in general are not considered officially endangered... we would like to highlight that this basic concept to keep a reasonable distance between hosts is important for other species as well.

Wild salmon populations have been reported on a decline over the past 4 decades, we've looked into why...

This is a coho salmon photographed in the Squamish watershed. In The Pristine Coast, director Scott Renyard, suggests that these mottled marks on the skin of salmon are scars from sea lice chewing on the skin while the salmon was in the ocean. Watch the film now here, and see how in 2010, thousands of people protested in Victoria, British Columbia about the impacts open net pen fish farming is having on wild salmon populations and many other species of fish which ultimately, have implications for climate change.
This photograph was taken at the river mouth of Harrison Lake in 2011, exhibiting thousands of Harrison river sockeye that died before spawning. This was part of the story covered by the Cohen Inquiry and key testimony revealed the discovery of a new virus.

For more on the Cohen Inquiry, check out:

Trial of an Iconic Species

Shocking scientific discoveries and questionable political agendas weave a tangled web through a Canadian federal inquiry that attempts to explain the rapid decline of iconic Fraser River sockeye salmon populations. Independent filmmaker Scott Renyard spent 119 days recording the hearings which are found in its raw form under Exhibit 2148. Only one camera was allowed in the courtroom. Watch now here.

Also check out, Salmon Confidential which portrays the Canadian government’s response to the release of viruses from Atlantic salmon farms into the wild Pacific salmon habitat. The film follows independent biologist, Alexandra Morton from the courtroom, into remote rivers and shopping malls as she tracks the infectious salmon anemia virus, one of the most dangerous farm salmon viruses spreading worldwide in Atlantic salmon farms. Watch now.

Alexandra Morton on the stand at the Cohen inquiry:

This photograph was taken by Alexandra Morton of a Pacific Herring bleeding from its fins.

The Unofficial Trial of Alexandra Morton

Alexandra Morton, a vocal independent biologist turned activist must endure a barrage of questions from industry and government lawyers in a federal inquiry in Canada. Expecting that her years of research would find a place in a sea of evidence, she is instead questioned on her qualifications and integrity. Watch now.



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