A Common Thread


A documentary short film exploring the power of the slow clothes movement while introducing key concepts of Gandhi’s peaceful yet powerful Khadi movement which ultimately liberated India from British rule.

The Filmmakers

SUMITRA MEDIA and VANCOUVER FILM SCHOOL present the documentary “A COMMON THREAD” written, directed, and produced by ROSALEE YAGIHARA director of photography MAURO BORBA co-produced by MEI HOH, 1st AD ABBY COLLETTE camera operator MAURO BORBA 1st ac GUILLOME PAPETTE sound recording VIRGOT BRAR grips RAYNOR SHIMA and BENJAMIN CALAF make-up JUDY ANRESON GRUZELIER edited by ROSALEE YAGIHARA post production supervisor MEI HOH sound design SASHA LARCO animation STEFANO MARRONE 3d animator JOAQUIM ESQUIVAL graphics MARIANA MONTES music by TARUN NAYER photos courtesy of MAIWA HANDPRINTS and JAMES MCGUIRE, with appearances by Penny Coupland, B.Sc., Spinner, Weaver, MANISHA SINGH-DECOSAS (PhD.), DEBRA SPARROW (Musqueam Weaver), SOPHENA & CHARLOTTE KWON (Maiwa Handprints), MARTIN PENNELS (MSc.), EMILY SMITH (Graphic Artist, Spinner, Knitter, Crafter), FARIDEH BARANI (Weaver), Zarah Martz as Dancer.