A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for Atl’ka7tsem – Howe Sound


A new UNESCO biosphere reserve celebrates the natural wonders and community in Bob Turner’s mountain-walled fjord on the BC Coast.

The Filmmakers

Presenting a BOB TURNER documentary "A UNESCO BIOSPHERE RESERVE FOR ATL'KA7TSEM - HOWE SOUND" directed, photographed, and narrated by BOB TURNER of NEXWLELEXWEM-BOWEN ISLAND music by OLEXANDR IGNATOV with appearances by BOB TURNER special thanks to LEN GILDAY, ROSEMARY KNIGHT, TIM TURNER, WENDY MILLER, RUTH SIMONS, IAN WINN, and BILL HENWOOD for their helpful suggestions and encouragement ADAM TAYLOR for use of his gorgeous glass sponge reef videos.