Beluga Speaking Across Time


The white Beluga whale and their relationship to Arctic people throughout history is revealed in the discovery of 6,000-year old rock carvings found in the Republic of Karelia in Northwestern Russia, and the Eastern Canadian Arctic. With the assistance of a modern day shamen who plays music to whales, the Russian Academy of Science, and traditional Inuit hunters, the filmmakers journey through these remote, spectacular regions to unveil the elusive world of the beluga whale and their unique connection to humans past, present and future.

The Filmmakers

CANAZ CORPORATION present the documentary "BELUGA SPEAKING ACROSS TIME" written and directed by PATRICIA SIMS produced by MiICHAEL CLARK and PATRICIA SIMS executive producer PAUL CADIEUX coproducer MARK WRIGHT Finland coproducers MARKO RÖHR and ILKKA MATILA executive producer for CBC MICHAEL ALLDER associate producer FELIX GOLUBEV cinematography ANDRE TURPIN, PAUL MOCKLER and JYRKI ARNIKARI editor and visual effect MiICHAEL CLARK music composer BRUCE FOWLER narrator NICKY GUADAGNI