Chum Salmon Spawn!


While watching the annual autumn salmon run on the BC Coast, Bob Turner captures in stunning detail the remarkable moment of a female Chum salmon laying her eggs and the rush of males to fertilize them.

The Filmmakers

Presenting a BOB TURNER documentary "CHUM SALMON SPAWN!" directed, photographed, edited and narrated by BOB TURNER music by OLEXANDER IGNATOV great thanks to LEN GILDAY and ROSEMARY KNIGHT for once again providing such helpful advice and many thanks to SKWXWU7MESH UXWUMIXW (SQUAMISH NATION), FISHERIES AND OCEANS CANADA, SQUAMISH RIVER WATERSHED SOCIETY, SQUAMISH STREAMKEEPERS SOCIETY and SQUAMISH ENVIRONENT SOCIETY for all they have done and continue to do to help the Squamish area salmon thrive