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Double Barrel


Double Barrel Film is a cinematic travel documentary that follows Australian journalist Angie Davis’ journey to Peru where she meets Harold Koechlin, a Peruvian surf guide with a dream of helping an oil-dominated town toward a more sustainable future. An inspiring true story, Double Barrel reflects how travel connects and motivates like minded individuals with big dreams to act on preserving beautiful places for future generations to enjoy.

The Filmmakers

SWITCHBOARD MEDIA presents the documentary "DOUBLE BARREL" co-directed by ANGIE DAVIS and DUSTIN HOLLICK writer and narrator ANGIE DAVIS surf guide and co-director HARROLD KOECHLIN producers ANGIE DAVIS and HARROLD KOECHLIN executive producers ANGIE DAVIS and DUSTIN HOLLICK cinematographer TIM WREYFORD and ALEJANDRO BERGER editor TIM WREYFORD