poster of an Inuit boy with a spear in his right hand and his pet polar bear on his left side, the two of them are on an igloo iceberg drifting through the polluted plastic garbage waters in the arctic towards an orange citadel that spews out black clouds with an orange red sun shining down on them acts as a link to the film page ETERNAL IGLOO on The Green Channel

Eternal Igloo


An Inuit boy lives on the last melting igloo due to global warming. He struggles to survive by fishing empty tuna cans and plastic bottles in the polluted North Pole.

The Filmmakers

DAMAVAND PICTURES and GRANDMUSE PICTURES in association with BC MINORITIES FOR FILM & TV SOCIETY presents the short animation "ETERNAL IGLOO" written, directed, and produced by MOSTAFA KESHVARI executive producers ALI GHAHARY and JOHN FRANCO BRAICO lead animator and illustrator SANAM JOKAR NARAGHI animator MOHAMMAD HASSAN PARSAYAN music and sound design by ALVAND JALALI cultural consultant and co-producer LOIS SULUK-LOCKE editor and production designer MOSTAFA KESHVARI voiceover and throat singing by LOIS SULUK-LOCKE as INUIT BOY/POLAR BEAR and PATRICIA KABLUTSIAK as INUIT MERMAID special thanks SUMO ENVIRONMENTAL, MUSIC LAB, MATRIX PRODUCTION SERVICES.