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Giving Nature a Voice


Nature needs a voice in Africa and so do the people whose lives depend on a healthy environment. That is the critical mission of AKU GSMC’s Environmental Reporting Program.

East Africa desperately needed a regular platform for locally produced environmental documentaries that would engage, illuminate and help reverse a dangerous trajectory. Now thanks to the young filmmakers we’ve trained and supported, that powerful message is reaching millions of Kenyans on prime time TV, and on international media platforms.

Together we’ve produced over 50 award-winning documentaries on East Africa’s most critical environmental crises. Seen in schools, museums and local communities, the films can help create the popular groundswell that will goad and inspire leaders of government, business and civil society to act, before it’s too late.

The Filmmakers

Giving Nature a Voice is produced by East African filmmakers, for the African market and beyond. 33 teams from Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo have captured the beauty and pathos of their home environment in a series of award winning half hour films.

AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY presents the documentary series "GIVING NATURE A VOICE" directed by ANDREW TKACH interim dean and vice provost DR. ALEX AWITI project officer gsmc MARIETTA MUSYOKA