poster photo of a closed fist of a woman facing us in the foreground, face of the woman blurry in the background acts as a link to the film page "Harmony" on The Green Channel.



A zero waste film invites the audience to join ‘Harmony’ on her daily quest to make the world a better place through zero-waste living.

The Filmmakers

Perpetrator Films presents a STANISLAVA OBEN documentary "HARMONY" written and directed by STANISLAVA OBEN produced by STANISLAVA OBEN and CHRIS M. OBEN cinematography, editing, and colour by CHRIS M. OBEN sound mixing by KIRBY JINNAH additional sound recording by RODERICK MATTE music by LOSCIL, CHUZAUSEN, XAVIER RUDD produced with the support of THE SOAP DISPENSARY and KITCHEN STAPLES special thanks to REBECCA GIBBS, DAVID SUZUKI, PHIL LANYON, CHRISTOPHER OBEN, OSKAR OBEN, LIBERTY BAKERY AND CAFE, LINH TRUONG and the STAFF at THE SOAP DISPENSARY extra special thanks to INDIEGOGO FUNDRAISER SUPPORTERS with appearances by HARMONY SHIRE, DR. MICHELLE NELSON PhD, AARON DAVISON, MAPLE DAVISON, ONYX DAVISON.