Herring: Why Kill the Foundation of the Salish Sea?


Bob Turner reflects on the folly of the herring fishery on the BC Coast amid spawning herring and the commercial herring fleet.

The Filmmakers

Presenting a BOB TURNER documentary "HERRING: WHY KILL THE FOUNDATION OF THE SALISH SEA?" directed, photographed, edited and narrated by BOB TURNER of NEXWLELEXWEM-BOWEN ISLAND music by OLEXANDR IGNATOV with appearances by BOB TURNER special thanks to GRANT SCOTT and CATH GRAY of CONSERVANCY HORNBY for all they do on behalf of herring, SCOTT WALLACE, DAVID SIZUKI FOUNDATION for generously sharing their knowledge LEN GILDAY for pushing us to make this movie more determined ROSEMARY KNIGHT for advice and great encouragement CONSERVANCY HORNY ISLAND, PACIFIC WILD and DAVID SUZUKI FOUNDATION for their research and informed advocacy that has so helped our learning