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Highway Wilding


Build them and they will live. That is the simple message in this short documentary that looks at the issue of highways, and some of the pioneering solutions that exist to prevent road kill and reconnect landscapes across highways. In the Rocky Mountains we have one of the last best chances in the world to maintain a fully functioning mountain ecosystem, but roads are a huge problem. Everything from grizzly bears to wolverines and ducks to salamanders need to get across roads safely to meet their life needs. After seeing this film you’ll never drive down a highway the same way again.

The Filmmakers

NECESSARY JOURNEYS presents a LEANNE ALLISON documentary "HIGHWAY WILDING" aerial photography by RON CHAPPLE provided in kind by BANFF LAKE LOUISE TOURISM and THE BANFF CENTRE FOR THE ARTS post production THE BANFF CENTRE executive director film & media KERRY STAUFFER program manager film & media JEAN MACPHERSON post production manager TODD LANGILLE editor/colourist JESSICA DYMOND salamander animation TYLER JORDAN director/executive producer/audio THERESA LEONARD senior recording engineer GRAHAM LESSARD audio production coordinator HENRY NG sound design and mix MARTA OLKO and MAGDALENA KASPEREK colorado footage MORGAN HEIM additional footage ALEX TAYLOR richard forman interview DAN RAFLA maps and animation MATT KNAPIK music "CHUCKWAGON" by ELLIOT BROOD, "SALAMANDRE" by SARAH HARMER, "COPPER MOUNTAIN" by BRIAN DENHERTOG, Photo: long-toed salamanders by MIKE JOKINEN trail cam photos by HIGHWAY WILDING/PARKS CANADA grizzly bear 122 animation created by JESSE WHITTINGTON with appearances by DR. TONY CLEVENGER, PROFESSOR RICHARD FORMAN, KARSTEN HEUER, NIKKI HEIM, MARG GMOSER, BARB BERTCH, JUSTIN THOMPSON, TRACY LEE, BILL ANDREE, JOSH POLLOCK, NICOLENA JOHNSON, JESSE WHITTINGTON