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Indian Food Fishing on the Fraser River


This short film about native food fishing on the Fraser River was originally shot in the early 1980s. The story focuses on the Fraser River sockeye runs that have sustained British Columbia’s native communities for hundreds of years. This film was directed and produced by the late Dick Harvey who worked for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and was passionate about the environment and Canada’s west coast wild fish. This digitally remastered version should make this delightful film accessible to audiences for years to come.

The Filmmakers

QUALICUM FILMS and JUGGERNAUT PICTURES presents a DICK HARVEY documentary "INDIAN FOOD FISHING ON THE FRASER RIVER" directed, produced, and cinematography by DICK HARVEY written by DICK LAZENBY executive produced (2014 remastering) by CRAIG BERGOLD and SCOTT RENYARD music composed by DOUG PARKER sound LLOYD STUMP post production by TELESOUND narrated by RODERICK HAIG-BROWN