Last of the Big Tuskers


Last of the Big Tuskers focuses on the last super tusker elephants of Africa and what is being done to keep them safe.

The Filmmakers

UMBOKO PRODUCTIONS presents the documentary "LAST OF THE BIG TUSKERS" directed and produced by JAMES CURRIE associate producer DEBORAH STEVENS, SCOTT JACKSON, CHRIS PITZER director of photography GREG NELSON edited by ASHLEY SMITH visual effects artist DANE ALEKSANDER music by NIC PATON, MAMA DANCE STUDIOS camera operators GREG NELSON, LUKE NELSON opening sequence camera JOSH LIBERMAN isilo film shoot AQUAVISION TV PRODUCTIONS additional isilo footage JAMES CURRIE additional elephant footage MIKE LOTTER, PETER KUMMERFELD, RICHARD MOLLER TSAVO TRUST, JOHN SWANEPOEL (ADVENTURE FILMS), ALOIS HABERHAUER, TED EDWARD CLEMENT hong kong undercover footage courtesy of WORLD WIDE FUND FOR NATURE maputaland location expert ROSS GOODE big tusker expert JOHAN MARAIS elephant genetics expert ALOIS HABERHAUER elephant census expert MIKE CHASE environmental expert DON PINNOCK wwf expert CHERYL LO tembe expert TOM MAHAMBA big tusker still images JOHAN MARAIS, RICHARD MOLLER, ERIK SCHRAM, historic still images used under license from SHUTTERSTOCK.COM with appearances by JAMES CURRIE, TOM MAHAMBA, LEONARD MULLER, RICHARD SCHUTTE, CHERYL LO, JOHAN MARAIS, DON PINNOCK, RICHARD MOLLER, TIM KASAINE, MIKE CHASE