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Last Yoik In Sami Forests?


The conflict between forestry and nature conservation in Finland has been constant during the last 20 years. The traditional, freely grazing reindeer herding, dependent on old forest growth, has been losing its resources but complaints and protests haven’t been able to stop this process. In 2005 Sami reindeer herders made an alliance with Greenpeace and established a Forest Rescue Station in the wilderness of Inari. The international pressure from Greenpeace made Finnish forest company Stora Enso stop buying the wood from conflict areas.

Kalevi Paadar, a Sami reindeer herder, lodged a complaint to the UN Human Rights Commission. He claimed that logging in his home village violated their right to continue their traditional way of reindeer herding based on free grazing. The UN asked Finland to stop logging. Yet, in 2007 Metsähallitus started logging again, this time in the wilderness of Kessi.

The Filmmakers

ELONMERKKI - SIGNS OF LIFE presents the documentary "LAST YOIK IN SAAMI FORESTS?" directed and produced by HANNU HYVÖNEN dramaturgy PAULINA FEODOROFF camera HANNU HYVÖREN, OSSI KAKKO, MAARTEN VAN ROUVEROY, RIKHARD SAUKKO, TEEMU TURUNEN, MATTI AIKIO, HETA HAAVISTO, and GREENPEACE ACTIVISTS edited by OSSI KAKKO and HANNU HYVÖNEN additional editors RIKHARD SAUKKO, TEEMU TURUNEN, TONI HILTUNEN music by NILS-ASLAK VALKEAPÄÄ, ULLA PIRTTIJÄRVI, WIMME SAARI, NIILAS SOMBY translation by JOHANNA FREUNDLICH narrated by RITA THOMASEN appearances by JORMA AIKIO (reindeer herder) PEKKA AIKIO (president of Sami parliament) PILVI AIKIO (reindeer herder) MIKA ALAVA (carpenter) KATI ERIKSEN (vice chair of Sami Council) TIMO HELLE (researcher) HEIKKI HYVARINEN (lawyer) HANNU JOKINEN (Metsahallitus manager) OUTI JAASKO (reindeer herder) JUHA KORKEAOJA (minister of agriculture and forestry) MATT LIIMATAINEN (Greenpeace) MARJAANA LUTTINEN (Stora Enso) SEPPO NEVALA (SuPo) YRJO NOROKORPI (researcher) OULA NÄKKÄLÄJÄRVI (lawyer) KALEVI PAADAR (reindeer herder) KEIJO PIRTTIJÄRVI (reindeer herder) PETTERI PYKALAMEN (Greenpeace) ARMO PYYKKÖ (Greenpeace) JARMO PYYKKO (carpenter) JAN SAIJETS (research scientist) NIILAS ASLAKSEN SOMBY (activist) MATTI VANHANEN (prime minister) EILA YLI-LOKKA (reindeer herder)