Not Without Us


Demonstrating the power of the masses to challenge Big Oil interests, Not Without Us is an all too timely document of the grassroots struggle for significant climate action. Taking place in the months leading up to COP21 in Paris, the film chronicles activists from around the world and the different tactics they use to make their voices heard.

Starting nine months before the conference, the film takes us around the globe — from North America to Europe to West Africa to South America — as several activists fight for meaningful change. Indigenous activists in particular are highlighted as they outline how environmental rights are also human rights and that violations often hit them the hardest. Unfortunately, the presence of corporate sponsors who still have much to gain by maintaining the status quo indicates that the result of COP21 may be more empty promises and half measures than civilization saving actions.

Leading up to COP 21, the activists most essential tool — the right to peacefully assemble and protest — is threatened due to fallout from the Paris attacks two weeks before the conference. Ultimately, Not Without Us paints a hopeful picture of a united resistance from grassroots organizations and highlights the perseverance of the people’s will even in the face of mounting political disappointment.

The Filmmakers

KONTENT FILMS present the documentary "NOT WITHOUT US" directed by MARK DECENA cinematography by ROB HUMPHREYS executive producer TERI HEYMAN produced by LIZ DECENA editor JEFF BOYETTE