Return of the Humpbacks: Howe Sound – Atl’Kitsem


For two remarkable weeks on the BC Coast, Bob Turner paddles among three visiting humpback whales and comes to know them as individuals.

The Filmmakers

Presenting a BOB TURNER documentary "RETURN OF THE HUMPBACKS: HOWE SOUND - ATL'KITSEM" directed, photographed, and narrated by BOB TURNER on NEXWLELEXWEM - KWILAKM/BOWEN ISLAND and ATL'KITSEM/HOWE SOUND music by OLEXANDR IGNATOV with appearances by BOB TURNER special thanks to LEN GILDAY and ROSEMARY KNIGHT of Bowen Island for their thoughtful suggestions JACKIE HILDERING of Marine Education Research Society JESSICA TORODE of BC Cetaceans Sightings Network for sharing her knowledge and care of Humpback Whales and for her assistance identifying the whales and DAVE PARKER for use of his humpback breech video.