Silent Forests


More than half of the Central-African forest elephant population has been decimated by poachers in the last decade. Following one of Cameroon’s first female eco-guards, a grassroots law enforcement group, a Congolese biologist, a reformed poacher and a Czech activist, this intimate, character-driven portrait gains remarkable access to an under-reported region, the Congo Basin, to understand the global poaching and ivory trade crises we face.

The Filmmakers

HOUSE TIGER PRODUCTIONS present the documentary feature "SILENT FOREST" directed, written and produced by MARIAH WILSON co-producer ZEBEDIAH SMITH director of photography ZEBEDIAH SMITH editors JUSTIN JOSEPH HALL, ALEXIS JOHNSON and ZEBEDIAH SMITH music composer SHANE CHAPMAN title sequence and motion graphics by JARED M. SILVER executive producers HOUSE TIGER PRODUCTIONS, TIFFANY SCHAUER and HEATHER SMITH online editing FOURWIND FILMS colorist JUSTIN JOSEPH HALL sound design and re-recording engineer PAUL MICHAEL and NYC POST GROUP location sound ZEBEDIAH SMITH sound consultants A. TAD CHAMBERLAIN and AUSTIN MENDENHALL cellist ERIC COOPER transcription and translation MERLE AUGUSTIN, ÉLODIE GERARD, LAMELLE MEDIA, RUTH SCHELL assistant editor SPENCER WILLIAMS post-production assistants NICOLE DEL CIOPPIO and AREVIK ACOPIAN aerial cinematography ZEBEDIAH SMITH additional images and footage provided by PETER WREGE of ELEPHANT LISTENING PROJECT, ERIC KABA TAH with LAGA, CLEMENT INKAMBA NKULU, ARTHUR R. SNIEGON, and POND 5 key art by MATT FROST and FROST FOUNDRY with appearances by SIDONIE ASSEME, JEAN PAUL DOUDOUMO, CLEMENT INKAMBA-NKULU, ARTHUR F. SNIEGON, ERIC KABA TAH and LAGA, THOMAS.