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The Blue Realm


The Blue Realm is a natural history television series about amazing creatures of the sea. Utilizing superb High-Definition imagery, engaging stories, and leading marine scientists the series takes viewers on extraordinary journeys of discovery!

The Blue Realm is produced by a team of film-makers and expert divers, all of whom have a passion for the sea and our marine environments. The crew has travelled to some of the world’s top undersea destinations to capture spectacular images in the High-Definition format. Filming locations included: Papua New Guinea, Palau (Micronesia), South Africa, the Red Sea, the Great Barrier Reef, the Bahamas, Cocos Island (Costa Rica), British Columbia, Texas, Indonesia, the Socorro Archipelago (Mexico), California and Florida.

The Filmmakers

SPOT DRIVER TELEVISION present the documentary series "THE BLUE REALM" narrated by STEVE DOWNES camera TOM CAMPBELL, DANNY MAURO, NEIL MCDANIEL and DENNIS COFFMAN video edit and sound design by TONY MOSKAL