The Climate Tsunami


If our Planet could speak…

The Climate Tsunami is a 50 minute video essay that aims to support a realistic picture of current climate concerns.

The Climate Tsunami is fiction, it builds out from the facts of climate heating to enable our planet to speak about it.

Do we have a future? What kind of future?

In a sometimes shocking, often touching deep dive, the Earth draws on its long historical perspective to show and tell where we are with climate heating and where it might be taking us;

—how human abuse of the planet as a living body has triggered an autonomic response of climate heating;
—how humankind has a clear choice between voluntary shrinkage of its civilizations or possible catastrophic collapse.

The Climate Tsunami is a personal, independent video production, based on three years research, written, photographed and edited by Denis Postle, a veteran documentary film director, therapist, writer and musician.

The Filmmakers

THE CLIMATE TSUNAMI presents the documentary "THE CLIMATE TSUNAMI" written, photographed, edited and music by DENIS POSTLE ARCA