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The Future of Birds


With the loss of global biodiversity and climate change in mind, the world`s best ornithologists are understanding how important birds are for ecosystems and economies. In this documentary, you will discover recent research conclusions with scientists and ornithologists from around the planet. You will share the passion and the love of birders and admire the most elegant and mobile creatures of the natural world. Birds are really important. They connect boreal forests to tropical forests and create these links that many other species don’t create!

The Filmmakers

MONDE FILMS with the participation of the International Ornithologists' Union presents the documentary "THE FUTURE OF BIRDS" written, directed, produced, camera, sound, scenario, and edited by JOCELYN DEMERS music from ARTLISTS narrated by DAVID LEPP with appearances by GRAHAM SORENSON, DR. LUCIA SEVERINGHAUS, YOSSI LESHEM, ALEXANDRE ROULIN, MANSOUR ABU RASHID, PROFESSOR PETER RYAN, DAVID HANCOCK, DAVID SCOTT, ROGER EMSLEY, PATRICIA BAIRD, PH.D, ANNE MURRAY, DR. TARA MARTIN