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The Leopard In The Land


Artist and Disney designer Joe Rohde sets out on a month-long camel and horseback expedition across the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia while painting large-scale landscapes to raise funds for Snow Leopard conservation. Facing blizzards, rebellious camels and the approaching winter, it is a pilgrimage that explores why we travel, how we interact with the world around us, and the monumental effect that this has on everything else – including the elusive and enigmatic snow leopard.

The Filmmakers

HIGHLAND GAFFERS INC in association with NOMADIC EXPEDITION presents the documentary "THE LEOPARD IN THE LAND" directed, edited, and photographed by JAMES McEACHEN written and produced by JAMES McEACHEN and JOE ROHDE executive produced by JALSA URUBSHUROW music by TENGERYN AYALGUU appearances by JOE ROHDE special appearances by BAGGI, BAATAR NAVAANSHARAV, DALAI KHAN