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Transhumance is the cyclical moving and herding of animals to the pastures of the high mountains in the summer and down to the slopes of the mountain range in the wintering grounds. Today, the migratory stockbreeders between Argentina and Chile, both native Mapuche Indians and Criollos, are facing the proliferation of private property and the discovery of hydrocarbons in an area that is risking their livelihoods and ancestral lifestyle. As future prospects of this lifestyle become darker, the organization and implementation of joint dynamics suggest a solution to a conflict that runs through every corner of the modern world.

The Filmmakers

Presenting the documentary "TRANSHUMANCE" directed and produced by MARÍA BAGNAT written by MARÍA BAGNAT and EMMANUEL GUAGLIARDO produced by ARIEL FONTANET and ERNESTO LAGOS edited by TOMÁS LARRINAGA original music by MARIANO BAGNAT post-production by MARINO MORDUCHOWICZ narrated by FACUNDO RAMIREZ