First step to solving a problem?

What is the first step to solving a problem?

Knowing about it.

We at The Green Channel believe that its essential to keep independent voices as independent as possible in the hope we learn about an issue or problem in the environment.

How can you do your part to help solve the environment's problems? Watch our content and become informed! Learn the most challenging issues our environment and endangered species face and become aware of some ways you can make a difference.

Our newsletter last week featured the bushfires in Australia, but we would just like to emphasize the scale...

To put it in perspective, last year’s fires in California, 250,000 acres were burned, in the Amazons, 2.24 million acres, while in Australia, as we speak, more than 12 million acres have been burned! Not to mention the fact that around 1 billion animals (big and small) have died in the last 3 months, dozens of people are dead and thousands of houses destroyed. The environment everywhere is becoming less and less predictable, and more and more violent.

Update on the Koalas:

At least 25,000 koalas are believed to have died in wildfires in Australia that may lead to devastating consequences for the survival of the species. Read more.

Message from Robert Irwin and the Australian Zoo:

"Being moderate moving animals, a large portion of the koalas died in fire since they couldn’t escape in time like kangaroos."
Read more and watch the video here.

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