Heavy times…

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There's no doubt 2020 thus far has been tough, but one thing we can recognize through all of this is

how powerful humans can be!

Thousands defy pandemic ban to join Stockholm protest over U.S. police violence

Not only have we been living through a global pandemic, slowly learning how to transition back into a new 'norm' of living, but also how our unified voices can send a strong message about the desires and hopes for a new future.

Now, more than ever, we are seeing the importance of how knowledge and education on certain issues creates power. Especially with today's modern technology and social media platforms, we, as humans, have the ability to quickly spread and share information about the issues we face, allowing us to stand together and impact change.

That's why at The Green Channel we believe the first step to solving a problem is knowing about it and why so many of our films highlight ecological problems and threats to our environment. We hope that they create discussion, make us all aware, and in the end inspire positive changes for the world's ecosystems.

For example our latest release, Breaking Pointby Bill Wisneski. This film addresses how the worst ecological disaster in US history is quickly approaching, yet very little is being done to stop it. California's largest lake is disappearing - a casualty of the 'water wars' in the Southwest. The receding Salton Sea reveals a toxic mix of fine dust and chemicals that is threatening the health of millions. The Salton Sea has reached its breaking point, and time is running out. Watch now here.
And next week's release Not Without Us by Mark Decena. This film documents a crucial moment in history, framing the root causes of the global climate crisis and the greatest inequality in the history of mankind, as one and the same. Seen from the perspective of frontline communities, the film interweaves the personal stories and motivations of the activists portrayed, conveying to a broader audience why the call for deeper, more systemic change is necessary for the survival of people and the planet. Watch the trailer now.
Two weeks from now, we will release the film Tipping Point by Dylan D'Haeze. There is one issue that unites us all no matter what part of the world you live in: climate change. But what is climate change? What is being done about it? And what can you do to help? In “Tipping Point”, 13-year-old filmmaker Dylan D'Haeze explores the ways in which humans have impacted the planet from the greenhouse effect causing ocean acidification to how industrial farming creates more methane. The film also goes over recent, drastic fluctuations in weather as well what is being neglected when those in charge turn a blind eye in order to increase profits for corporations. Watch the trailer now.

So let's unite and be kind to one another but be resolute in the goal to take care of our planet. Educate yourself and others about important topics and remember, the only force that can prevent these catastrophic events, is the will of our collective voices.


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