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We've got some exciting news...

The Green Channel TV app is now live!!

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You can now stream our content straight from your Apple devices!

Available in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV for iOS 11+. Easily search through all our films and series in categories such as TGC originals, recently added, features, climate change, documentary, public interest, and more!

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Currently in the works are our apps for Android, Roku and Firestick!

Stay tuned for these coming soon!

Upcoming content to look forward to:

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Everything Connects by Dylan D'Haeze

14-year-old filmmaker Dylan D'Haeze explores how communities can develop zero waste strategies and looks at building a sustainable lifestyle for today and for future generations.

Once you watch this documentary, you'll gain a better understanding about how everything we do affects the planet.

Watch trailer here!

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Plastic is Forever by Dylan D'Haeze

What happens when you throw plastic away? Dylan D'Haeze decides to find out by following plastic trash to its end source which is the ocean.

The film also explores the history of plastics and how they came into wider use due to World War 2 as well as the science of plastics which breaks down the fact that they simply do not break down in nature.

Watch trailer here!

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Pretty Slick by James Fox

Pretty Slick is the first film to fully reveal the devastating, untold story of BP’s Corexit coverup following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jame Fox questions whether public safety and environmental health took a backseat to restoring the tourist-based economy, and exposes the symbiosis between big oil and the U.S. government, which was as deep as the ocean is blue.

Watch trailer here!

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Don't forget to check out our latest release!

Aghbalou, The Source of Water directed by Remigiusz SowaWater is essential for food security and livelihood, especially for the millions of rural poor who rely on agriculture. Aghbalou combines a local story of struggle with a global call to action against the growing challenge of sustaining water supplies in the face of an increasingly hostile climate.

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