Antarctic Mission, Episode 1: Islands at the Edge

Imagine a film production studio crossed with a scientific laboratory crossed with a … boat?

Such is the Sedna IV, a triple-masted schooner that has crisscrossed the world’s seas over the last 15 years. Her crew has brought back a wealth of scientific data and astonishing footage of rarely seen natural wonders from the Arctic to the Antarctic and everywhere in between.

In 2003, the Sedna IV traced the footsteps of early explorers through the Northwest Passage. For six months, she sailed the Arctic archipelago, discovering the breathtaking beauty of the people and living things that call this remote landscape home. In 2004, she set sail to find the last of the great whales.

And then, in 2005, a group of daring Canadians took the Sedna IV on her greatest voyage yet: a 430-day journey into the heart of icy Antarctica. Their mission was to document the impact of climate change on the living things of the Antarctic peninsula. Life at the pole is changing as the planet warms. The continent’s coastal ice is melting. Plant life is growing rapidly.

Their audacious journey is documented in Antarctic Mission, a can’t-miss feast of awe-inspiring images of a place most of us only dream of. (Plus, it’s narrated by David Suzuki!)

Stay tuned over the next three weeks as we release new episodes of Antarctic Mission. You won’t regret it.

The film

Released in 2007, Antarctic Mission is a stunning three-part series about an adventurous team of Canadian scientists and filmmakers who sailed south to Antarctica aboard the majestic 51-metre ship Sedna IV. Their daring mission: to document the most important environmental challenge facing our planet — climate change.

The team braved some of the Earth's roughest and coldest seas, as well as the long, dark Antarctic winter, to bear witness to the changes wrought on one of the most rapidly warming places on the planet — the Antarctic Peninsula. Meet the scientists working in the world's remotest living laboratory and the amazing creatures that evolved to live in one of the planet's most inhospitable ecosystems.

In Episode 1, Islands at the Edge, the team follows the same route as the early explorers, battling storms and dodging huge icebergs, to visit one of the Earth’s most spectacular gatherings of wildlife: grumpy fur seals, feisty penguins and mythical albatross.

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