Ready for the Roaring 20’s?!

The Green Channel is wishing you the happiest of New Years going into 2020!

What are your resolutions for the upcoming year?

We would like to encourage you to make goals for the new year that help our environment and/or an endangered species in any way possible! Even if that means just watching more Green Channel content 😉

Here we have highlighted a few articles of cities around the world making environmentally friendly changes for the new year:

Vancouver, BC:
Effective January 1 2020, Vancouver introduces Foam ban.
Honolulu, HI:
City Council passes one of the strictest plastic bans in the country.
Quezon City, PH:
Philippine city will ban single-use utensils, whether made of plastic or paper, as well as plastic bags next year.
Also check out National Geographic's list of
Best Animal Photos of 2019.

Did you know tomorrow, December 28th, is National Short Film Day?

Would you help us celebrate by watching one of the short films featured on our channel? Find some suggestions below:

Bob Turner's Wild Howe Sound

Each episode is a delightful short film about one man’s investigation of the Howe Sound ecosystem. Intrepid kayaker Bob Turner matches his fascination with B.C.’s aquatic life with his past career as a geological scientist with Natural Resources Canada.

The Green Film

A short comedy about how hard it is to be green.

It’s not easy being green – especially when you’re a filmmaker. So how do you make the greenest movie of all time? Watch The Green Film and find out.

Living River

A historical short film about a river watershed made in 1972. This was one of the first attempts to make an environmental film in British Columbia and it follows the interconnections of animals, plants, birds, and fish that depend on a wild British Columbia river.