Record High Temperatures Hitting the PNW 🔥

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If you are living in the Pacific Northwest, surely you've experienced the devastating effects of climate change already this year causing

Record High Temperatures & Huge Wildfires

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As if the heat wave in June that killed hundreds of peoplein Oregon, Washington, and Canada wasn't bad enough, the Climate Prediction Center says to expect above average temperatures throughout the next week as well.

From the massive Bootleg Fire in Oregon, to the intense flooding in Germany and Belgium, to the year's worth of rainfall in China in just 3 days, climate scientists are worried climate change is happening faster than expected...

Check out these films all about climate change, now playing on The Green Channel:

Climate Crimes Film Cover Image

Climate Crimes by Ulrich Eichelmann

The fight against global warming should save our planet. Instead, it is speeding up the destruction of our nature and biodiversity. Climate Crimes takes you behind the scenes of destructive energy policies disguised as green solutions to climate change.

Watch now here.

The Hungry Tide Film Cover Image

The Hungry Tide by Tom Zubrycki

The Pacific nation of Kiribati is on the front line of climate change. Sea level rise is threatening the lives of 105,000 people in this vulnerable and forgotten corner of the Pacific.

Watch now here.

Wildfire Warriors Film Cover Image

Wildfire Warriors by Jeremy Williams and David Lavalee

As wildfires raged throughout BC in the summer of 2017, indigenous communities fought not only fires, but threats from the police to remove their children!

Watch now here.

Tipping Point Film Cover Image

Tipping Point by Dylan D'Haeze

‚ÄúTipping Point‚ÄĚ is the second instalment, after ‚ÄúPlastic is Forever,‚ÄĚ in a new series of documentaries.¬†Each film in the series centers around Dylan‚Äôs quest to get to the bottom of an issue such as plastic pollution and climate change, and then learn how he and other kids can mobilize to tackle these threats to the planet.

Watch now here.

Voices of Nature Rocks Film Cover Image
Also don't forget to check out our latest release!

Voices of Nature Rocks - Season 1: Episodes 1 & 2 Now Playing

Eco-rockers Holly and Kevin from The Wilds band bring their show with kids ages 5-13 online, learning about ecological stewardship through the fun of singing original songs together and outdoor explorations of habitats. The series is co-hosted by their boisterous marionette friend, Stage Boy, and includes kid reporters, creative submissions from young viewers and guest experts.

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