Save the Planet Already!

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We've got some exciting news! We are announcing the upcoming release of our first ever TGC original comedy:

Save the Planet Already!

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Click to view the trailer here!

Films about environmental issues don't always have to be doom and gloom! We are lightening things up a bit with this live stand-up comedy show all about the current climate crisis our planet is facing!

Seven comedians take the stage one night in Vancouver, BC for this TGC original comedy. From topics about the melting ice caps, to burning fossil fuels, to saving the turtles, these comedians cover it all with a hilarious spin that will leave the whole family laughing.

Photo of the 7 comedians featured in STPA!

Watch the trailer now here and stay tuned for the official release this July 29th!

For now, check out these other comedies playing now on The Green Channel!

The Green Film by Andrew Williamson

It’s not easy being green – especially when you’re a filmmaker. So how do you make the greenest movie of all time? Is there more to the environmental movement than buying carbon offsets? Drive your Prius to the theatre, bring your own container full of organic popcorn with Vegan butter substitute, watch The Green Film and find out. Watch now here.

How to Boil a Frog by Jon Cooksey

A comedic documentary about the consequences of overshoot: too many people using up too little planet. An everyman dad (Jon Cooksey) gives a satirical overview of our global situation, and five surprising ways we can save civilization while making our own lives better. Watch now here.

The Laps Tasmania by Angie Davis

In a quest to get back-to-basics and consume less, two Australian men circumnavigate Tasmania in 14 days with no cash, no car, no phone, and only 10 items. These scruffy surfers re-connect with nature but it is the goodwill and generosity of the quirky humans that inhabit this remote island that make their journey and survival possible. Watch now here.

Also don't forget to check out our latest release!

Lube Job: How Louisiana Got Screwedby Stephanie Kovac and Guy Hernandez

An in-depth look at Louisiana’s century-old relationship with oil and gas and the resulting environmental holocaust laying waste to its treasured wetlands, fishing trade and age old way of life.

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