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Giving Nature a Voice – Season 01 Episode 05


Food Waste

Food waste is one of the leading causes of climate change. Farmers in Kenya are wasting up to 50% of their harvest when their crops are rejected for cosmetic reasons or dumped because of last minute order cancellations. Millions of tons of food waste ends up in landfills and the decomposition creates methane. Food waste generates as much green house gases as road transport and four times the level of aviation. Activists say this should not be happening in a country where many still suffer from hunger.

A Film By: Marete Selvin & Cyprian Ogoti

The Filmmakers

Giving Nature a Voice is produced by East African filmmakers, for the African market and beyond. 33 teams from Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo have captured the beauty and pathos of their home environment in a series of award winning half hour films.

AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY presents the documentary series "GIVING NATURE A VOICE" directed by ANDREW TKACH interim dean and vice provost DR. ALEX AWITI project officer gsmc MARIETTA MUSYOKA