The Endangered African Penguin 🐧

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Our feature endangered animal of the month is

The African Penguin!

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Populations of the endangered African penguin are declining in the wild due to a variety of threats, including oil spills and depleted prey populations as a result of overfishing.

Witness the devastating impact the exploding Cape Fur Seal population has on the endangered African Penguin caused by the disappearance of the White Shark in the film, Apex Survival, now playing on The Green Channel.

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Apex Survival - Maiden Voyage

Tanya and Julia face their fears as they prepare to free dive together with experienced conservationist divers Ocean and Juan in Shark Alley Gansbaai, South Africa, the “Great White Shark Capital of the World.” Excitement is high as our team discovers a Great White pup and a large female. There is hope.

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Also don't forget to check out our latest release!

The Young Sea directed and produced by Mattias Klum

The Baltic Sea is host to an enchanting underwater world. By capturing the hidden beauty of the amazing array of life within this remarkable region, filmmaker and photographer Mattias Klum delivers a timely reminder of our role in the survival of these fragile ecosystems, as the Baltic Sea comes under increasing threat from human activity.

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