A Worm In The Apple

Alien Invaders!

Alpine Meltdown

Animal Society

Antarctic Oasis – A Haunting Journey

Auroville: Another World is Possible

Bastion of the Giants

Bazaruto, the Dugong’s Land: A Tale of Survival

Behind the Label

Beluga Speaking Across Time

Birds of the Lakes Return

Blue World

Bob Turner’s Wild Howe Sound

Boom Boom Brazil

Bring The Sun Home

Budapest Inferno: The Secrets of the Molnár János Cave

Climate Crimes


David VS Monsanto

Dawn of a New Era

Deadly Depths

Doc Jam

Eco Here, Dead There: The Death Of An Orangutan

Exhibit 2148: The Uncertain Future of the Fraser River Sockeye

For The Love of Dolphins

Global Footprints


Hazaribagh: Toxic Leather

How To Boil A Frog

Indian Food Fishing on the Fraser River


Killing the Mekong

Last Yoik In Sami Forests?

Life With Alex

Living River

Mission Zero Emissions

Monster Salmon and Butterflies

My Lifestyle Vegan

New Farms, Big Success

Nuclear Cattle

Ô Roots!

Organic Panic

Paradise Island

Patagonia Rising

The Green Channel default film poster image

Peace Out

Pirate For The Sea

Plant This Movie

Project Cougar

Raising Resistance

Return to the Forest

Rhinos in the Freezer

River Ways

Salmon Confidential

Saving The Life Keepers

Saving the Mustang

Scientists Under Attack


Solidarity Wave

Suzuki’s World

The Adventurers of Species

The Battle for the Amazon

The Biofuel Myth

The Blue Realm

The Dick Harvey Collection

The First Wave

The Future Makers

The Great Invasion

The Green Chain

The Green Film

The High Cost of Cheap Gas

The Last Ice Hunters

The Last Journey of Dashdeleg

The Leopard In The Land

The Macaw Kingdom

The Plastic Cup: The Official Story of the Plastic Pirates

The Pristine Coast

The Rainbow Warrior

The Shepherdess of the Glaciers

The Toxins Return

The Unofficial Trial of Alexandra Morton

The Watershed Guardians Of The Fraser River

Tin Trouble

To the Ends of the Earth

Transgenic Wars


Trial of an Iconic Species

Urban Mining

Virus Hunters

Volcanic Planet

What We Know Is A Drop

White Water Black Gold

Who Killed Miracle?

Wild About