Water, Energy, and Biodiversity; The Odyssey

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Just like Ulysses, who travelled all over the Mediterranean Sea, this series is a kind of Odyssey that explores the amazingly rich Mediterranean and its biodiversity. Divided into three parts, covering water, energy, and biodiversity:

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Ulysses’ Last Journey – Episode 01 – Sharing Water

The journey begins in Gaza, where a race against time is on for access to drinking water, while in Israel, desalination plants appear to be an ideal solution. In Spain, the policy of systematically responding to the demand for water for years has led to a worrying imbalance. As for France, the sharing of water from the Durance, at the center of local concerns, is an interesting example of good governance of this common good.

Ulysses’ Last Journey – Episode 02 – Biodiversity in Danger Film Image

Ulysses’ Last Journey – Episode 02 – Biodiversity in Danger

The sustainable environment has become a major geopolitical issue for countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Around the Mediterranean, agriculture and farming have produced one of the greatest biodiversities on the planet, whose balance is threatened by current economical reasoning. At Almeria, in Spain, production targets lead to intensive agriculture that reduces biodiversity. This film brings us to beautiful places but whose future remains fragile.

Ulysses’ Last Journey – Episode 03 – Energy: the Challenge Film Image

Ulysses’ Last Journey – Episode 03 – Energy: the Challenge

Sun, wind and water are the primary natural resources of the Mediterranean basin. The proper use of this energy potential is essential. Faced with many challenges, new forms of exchanges between countries are essential, which are still sometimes difficult to set up. If Spain is today a leading country for the production of renewable energies, Lebanon, despite having a geography favorable to hydropower, is experiencing enormous problems with electricity distribution.

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