World Elephant Day is Fast Approaching! 🐘

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Do you know what August 12th is?!

World Elephant Day!

Image of elephant in Africa

Here is an African elephant taking a stroll in his home at the Aquila Private Game Reserve in South Africa. African elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. They are slightly larger than their Asian cousins and can be identified by their larger ears that look somewhat like the continent of Africa.

Both African and Asian elephants play keystone roles in their eco-systems. Their extremely strong sense of smell for water allows them to search out and find sources of water, which other animals depend on for survival. They use their tusks to dig up dry riverbeds and their dung is full of seeds, helping plants spread across the environment.

However, both African and Asian elephants face threats to their survival. The biggest threat being poaching for their tusks. In recent years, at least 20,000 elephants have been killed in Africa each year for their tusks. Read more on this here.

Did you know the sale of elephant ivory is still legal in Canada?!

Please sign and share the petition here to support the effort to pass legislation to make Canada Ivory Free! Their goal is to get to one million signatures before World Elephant Day!

World Elephant Day Campaign Support sticker
Also, please consider donating to the annual World Elephant Day 2020 Campaign Fundraiser to help raise awareness about the rapidly changing circumstances that are challenging elephants' survival. This fundraiser also helps to support the rangers who work to protect the elephants. Donate now here.

In honour of this day, coming to The Green Channel on August 12th 2020 is the film, When Elephants Were Young by World Elephant Day founder, Patricia Sims.

Narrated by William Shatner, When Elephants Were Young tells the story of a young man and his elephant who live and street-beg in Bangkok. It portrays the issues that threaten the elephant's survival, as well as a positive conservation model fo the future survival of endangered Asian elephants.

Watch the trailer now here.

In the meantime, check out Patricia Sim's other film featuring elephants, Return to the Forest, now playing on The Green Channel.

Return to the Forest is the heartfelt story of the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation and its mission to return captive Asian elephants back to the wild in Thailand to save them from extinction.

Watch now here.

Also don't forget to check out our latest release!

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A short documentary about plastic straw litter and its impacts on turtles and how we can make a sea of change…one straw at a time.

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