About the green channel

Our Mission.

The world is full of juxtapositions, and today that message is clearer than ever. Through pandemics and social movements, we see how global crises can drive humanity apart, but also bring us together.

The Green Channel’s mission is to highlight beautiful, untold stories of those coming together to better our planet. And that’s what makes us different. We are an online streaming service that provides unique environmental content in hopes of shining new light on current global challenges—and the creative, hopeful solutions that will inspire change.

Here at The Green Channel (TGC), we believe that the first step to solving an environmental problem is knowing about it. Awareness drives change. Therefore, our goal is to be the voice of living things. And by watching and supporting our channel, YOU move humanity closer to solving these environmental challenges.

Our content makes us different.

We are proud of our growing library of content; many of our films cannot be found anywhere else online! We search the planet for gems that you haven’t seen before, showcasing award-winning films that offer fresh perspectives on old debates, or present new and potentially transformative information. By comparing films on similar topics, we might unlock a solution that was previously unclear.

We’re not scared to be real. If you take a look at our public interest folder, you’ll find a collection of exclusive, raw documentary footage on controversial environmental events. One of our missions is to amplify and empower the voices of independent filmmakers and environmental champions; stories come unfiltered, but that is how we, as humanity, can truly learn and grow.

What’s coming up?

Looking forward, you can expect to see dramas, comedies, current events, and reality programming all with environmental themes. Keep an eye out for new content launching every Wednesday including TGC Original Save the Planet Already!, a light-hearted live comedy act that will have you laughing, and questioning current environmental practices, at the same time.

Wait, help the environment by lying on the couch?

Your subscription funds our channel, and the creation of new content, so we can continually draw attention to environmental issues and endangered species. Our service is ad-free, and we hope to keep it that way. Take advantage of the free trial, and subscribe now.

Help us be the voice of living things.