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Giving Nature a Voice – Season 01 Episode 04


Underwater Treasures

Coral Reefs are one of the most bio diverse ecosystems on the planet, hosting as many species as tropical rainforests. Their bio-mass is so high because of the variety of fish and algae they shelter. They also protect the coastline from destructive waves. But coral reefs are being degraded at an alarming rate from climate change, fishing and pollution. Kenya’s Wildlife Service must find a way to reduce the stress coral reefs are subjected to, while working with local communities to insure their survival.

A Film By: Faith Musembi

The Filmmakers

Giving Nature a Voice is produced by East African filmmakers, for the African market and beyond. 33 teams from Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo have captured the beauty and pathos of their home environment in a series of award winning half hour films.

AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY presents the documentary series "GIVING NATURE A VOICE" directed by ANDREW TKACH interim dean and vice provost DR. ALEX AWITI project officer gsmc MARIETTA MUSYOKA