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The Heart Of The Fraser


Fish and wildlife in the gravel reach of the Fraser River from Mission to Hope, British Columbia, are impacted by continuing industrial development and habitat loss in the floodplain that has continued since European settlement began. A glimpse of the struggles the heart of the Fraser has faced in the past and is facing today make clear that with a continuing lack of action and awareness the ecosystem will collapse and become a social, environmental and economic tragedy. The Heart of the Fraser is a powerful call for change that leaves viewers both informed and inspired.

The Filmmakers

NERV PRODUCTIONS presents the documentary "THE HEART OF THE FRASER" directed by BRENDAN CHU produced by NICOLE YUEN and JAKOB DAWSON executive producer KEN ASHLEY cinematographer CHRISTOPHER JENKINS assistant camera CORY TYMOSCHUK underwater cinematographer FERNANDO LESSA assistant diver RICKY HURLEY sound recording JAKOB DAWSON editor JOSH ANAYA-PAIERO additional editors BRENDAN CHU and CHRISTOPHER JENKINS composer SHIMON MACHIDA music editor CHRISTOPHER JENKINS sound editing, re-recording mixer, and online editor CHRISTOPHER JENKINS story consultant NICOLE YUEN colourist CORY TYMOSCHUK title design NICOLE YUEN animation CATHERINE RYAN boat operators DEAN WERK, ERIN STODDARD, RICK STAHL, DAVE BARRY talon helicopter chief pilot KELSEY WHEELER talon helicopter pilot JARRETT LUNN compass heli tour pilot NICK DRAUDER with appearances by KEN ASHLEY, EDDIE GARDNER, MARK ANGELO, LINA AZEEZ, ERIN STODDARD, HARVEY ANDRUSAK, MARVIN L. ROSENAU, SARAH SHREIER, GARRET NIGHTENGALE, RUDY NORTH, FIN DONNELLY, MARK ANDERSON, TAYLOR SANDERCORK, SARAH TOWN, JASON EAMES