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The Return


There is something astonishing happening in the city of Vancouver. Largely unnoticed amidst vehicle traffic, industrial sites and construction, wild salmon are returning to their ancient spawning grounds.

The Filmmakers

Presenting the documentary "THE RETURN" directed and edited by MARINA DODIS produced by MARINA DODIS and LAUREN WEISLER cinematography MARINA DODIS drone footage GRANT BALDWIN additional cinematography MIKE MCKINLAY sound recording MARINA DODIS and DAVID DAOUD consulting and finishing editor JENN STROM sound design and mix DAVID DAOUD soundscape design HILDEGARD WESTERKAMP animation JENN STROM illustrator BRENDA GUILED archival photographs from CITY OF BURNABY ARCHIVES and CITY OF VANCOUVER ARCHIVES with appearances by MIKE PEARSON, JB MACKINNON, MORGAN GUERIN, DIANNE RAMAGE, JOHN TEMPLETON